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Park British School, established in 1995, is an international institution with an emphasis on the British Curriculum. We are a dynamic learning center where members work collaboratively to assist children to realize their potential.

As an international school, we have a rich cross-cultural community of students from various countries including Nigerians, Lebanese, French, Turkish, Indian and Pakistani; thus, enabling our learners to gain vast cultural experience and heritage. At PBS we passionately believe that education is about academic excellence and cultural diversity and through our diverse cultural traditions, we are proud to instill these traits in our learners.

Our school is committed to providing a safe environment with individualized learning, encouraging a culture of curiosity, self motivation and academic and social success. By choice, we insist on a maximum of 12 students in a class. A Teacher and a Support Teacher are present in every 12-student class from Foundation all through to Key Stage 3. This method of team teaching allows us to work more purposefully and truly individualize the learning of each child, while the smaller classes sizes enable a more cohesive class culture that always keeps students engaged.


Park British School is fully online

In addition to physical learning, Park British School is fully online, offering full-time academic classes that can be accessed worldwide. The PBS E-Learning programme permits us to extend our brand of first-rate education on a global scale. Through our online learning technology and teaching practices, we tutor students all around the world, allowing them to learn remotely with the added convenience of unparalleled educational support and a broad and balanced British curriculum. Our Online academic programmes are available from Nursery all through to Sixth Form.

Our Vision

To see Park British School Children as academic, social and moral models among their peers.

Our Mission

With God’s help to train and empower children to cope with all the demands of the global century we live in.

Our Values

Park British School believes students learn best when provided with a comprehensive, challenging and engaging curriculum to meet all learning styles. We offer excellent pastoral care and each child is taken on an individualized learning basis. Our accomplished teachers strive to ensure each student has a solid academic foundation, with an emphasis on strict moral and academic standards.

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Excellent Staff

Our teachers are experienced and

Great Facilities

Our school is committed to providing a safe environment with individualized learning.

Cultural Diversity

We have a rich cross-cultural community of students from various countries.