Park British School


Park British School has a well-equipped range of facilities and resources for all students from Nursery to senior classes to ensure they achieve a well-rounded education in a child friendly atmosphere. We strive to be responsive to the changing programs of educational delivery and provide a physical and virtual environment that is comfortable, safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing. It is our vision that each student enjoys their years of education at PBS and reaches their full potential.

Our campus has separate blocks for the students of the Nursery, Early Years and Senior levels and each block features a number of facilities designed to meet the requirements of all students. All rooms are air-conditioned, well illuminated and fitted with CCTV cameras for security.


We have general classrooms and subject-specific classrooms, each with a 12 student seating capacity, providing adequate spacing for interaction and monitoring, as well as adhering to social distancing rules for maximum safety. All classrooms are equipped with many toys in the younger classes while educational board games and puzzles are provided in the older classes for use during indoor activity times.  The concept is about ‘learning’ through play and all games are conducted as part of the planned educational programme. Our well decorated classrooms feature white boards, comfortable seating and tiled floors.


The PBS Library is a pleasant room stocked with relevant textbooks on the British and Nigerian curricula such as reference books and encyclopedias. Our library boasts an impressive index of titles, covering fiction and non-fiction, periodicals and newspapers. We ensure that appropriate reading material is accessible to all students and they are encouraged to borrow books weekly. Computers and wireless internet access are also available to facilitate research and learning, and all students are monitored while they are online.

Science Laboratory

Our Science Lab is spacious, fully equipped and well stocked with state-of-the-art materials for conducting experiments and testing theories. It is also designed for the students STEAM and Robotics classes to ensure students success through a combination of text, videos, and ICT. The walls of the laboratory feature exciting posters and all information needed when inside a laboratory. We offer hands-on practical experience to our students in accordance with the curriculum.

ICT Laboratory

At PBS children are exposed to Information and Communication Technology from an early age.  Our ICT Lab is equipped with modern computers with flat screen monitors, current educational software, wireless internet connection and a projector.  ICT is well integrated into all subject areas and while teaching, we use PowerPoint presentations and overhead projectors as teaching aids to keep the students engaged while learning for a truly modern educational experience.

Art Room

We have a fully stocked art room, designed to promote the discovery of students’ artistic talents and encourage creativity.  Displays of children’s work can be seen all over the school campus.

Playing Area

We believe it is important for students to have unstructured physical activity on the playground to help them become healthier, smarter and stronger. We have two sets of playing areas for the children and both playgrounds are equipped with swing sets, slides, play house, toys and ample space for the children to run around. The playground for the older kids also has a small football pitch, as well as swing sets.

Books and Uniform Store

We have a book store which stocks prescribed textbooks, notebooks, stationery and a range of miscellaneous items at a special price for the convenience of students. The Uniform store stocks school uniforms in all sizes and in order to maintain uniformity, parents are encouraged to make use of this facility.

Tuck Shop

The school has a delightful tuck shop on the premises where finger-foods and drinks are sold for the students’ convenience.