Park British School

From 1999 to 2005, back when Park British School offered foundation and primary education only, I remember how efficient their curriculum was in helping me understand and develop into the well-spoken person I am today. I’ll never forget a few particularly unique classes that without which I wouldn’t be as well rounded. There were etiquette classes – I’ll never forget that it’s bad manners to put elbows on the table; moral education which helped me gain an essential understanding of right and wrong; debate club, and even elocution class which helped me achieve a better grasp of the English language. Of all my fondest memories of Park British school, nothing could top the joy I felt every Friday when we had TGIF, after all I was still a kid, parties are always our fondest and happiest memories.

Zainab Hamade

Park British School

I remember how much I loved both the Principal and VP. They were so loving, treated me like their child even though I was a hand full.  The parties were amazing and my favourite time of the week TGIF was so fun I remember how I’d plan the clothes I’d wear two days ahead. Park British School played a really huge role in making me the adult that I am today. Always grateful.

Maya Hamade
Park British School

I graduated from the University of Sharjah, UAE with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and management. I was the very first student at Park British School (Known as Park House then in 1997). Park House was my first “home away from home”. It is where my earliest, sweetest childhood memories were made. I was the only student for quite some time and I remember having my nanny stay with me throughout the school day everyday. I eventually made a strong bond with Principal and VP whom I both fondly called “aunty mama”. My aunty mamas were so kind, caring and fun! They made learning so enjoyable for me and they brought out the brightness in me. I’m very grateful to be part of the Park family and even more proud to be its pioneer. I will never forget Park House ❤

Aisha Garba Hamza
Park British School

Hello everyone, my name is Hira Irshad.

I’m an interior design graduate and a former student of Park British School. In life we get to learn a lot of things but like me, if you learn them from Park British School then I would just say 2 words: “You’re Lucky”.

I was enrolled into Park British School in Year 7. I discovered a lot of me during my time in this prestigious school, pushing myself harder than I thought possible, achieving beyond what I imagined.

I was just a nervous mess upon entering the school, more interested in my shoes than in my surroundings.

I remember the steps I took while going to the big Aunty’s office, thinking of all things bad that might await me. You can imagine my surprise when I was welcomed with a big, full of love hug and the joyous and kind face of my mother, otherwise known as kemi Akinboboye (Big Aunty). In school I had a lots of ups and downs but my lovely teachers were the reason that I didn’t give up. One day I was called into the office and not knowing why, I was pretty scared. When I knocked and heard an unfamiliar voice telling me to come in, I entered with my head down and said ‘Good morning big Aunty’ as I did usually, only to look up and see a beautiful stranger who overtime became my second mother there. Her name is Aduke Akinboboye and even though we met for the first time, she made my day when she said the uniform suits me and makes me look like a lawyer.

My first year in Park British was very tough because I was a lazy student who wasn’t ready to study. I failed Year 7 and ashamed of myself, I wasn’t ready to face anyone, but when I met big aunties later, they only said that correcting your mistake today would mean you don’t have to regret tomorrow. My other pillar to ground me was my beloved Father(Abu) who said “Aj mai hun kal da pata nai, aj kuch karre g kal kuch banne g” meaning ‘Today I’m here with you but I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow, so if you do something today only then can you be something tomorrow (which people will remember)’. Then I repeated Year 7 and with hard work and full support and motivation from Abu, Big Aunties and my teachers, I passed my Year 7.

So remember, things might be tough today but in the end everything will be fine with the support of your family and friends and dedicated hard work by you.

I failed, I repeated, I succeeded.

Don’t let obstacles pull you down. Just because there’s a wall blocking the way doesn’t mean there’s no other way to get to the other side. All you need to do is think, plan, and execute!

Hira Irshad
Park British School

My name is Ghada Kandil, I was a student at the Park British School few years ago.

My Experience in this wonderful school is one of a kind! All the teachers were always there for me and always up to date with my education to make sure I’m always getting A+ grades. I was once a French student which means my English was terrible but thanks to the big Aunties and the teachers, my English became perfect! I’m very grateful to all for the lessons they taught me, which shaped me into the woman I am today.

My days in the school were really memorable. Right now I’m in my home country Lebanon rounding off my degree in Translation and when I sit back and think about the amazing friends I made there and the school that I once and still consider my home, happy tears can’t help but escape my eyes.


If you’re reading this and thinking about enrolling your child(ren) in this school then that’s the best decision you’ll ever make and if they are already there, then I’m sure you know that they are in safe hands. Park British School will help shape them into wise, respectful and successful people for the coming future.

Ghada Kandil
Park British School

My name is Ummulkhairi Jalo. Park British College is an unforgettable place for me because I lived the best years of my life in it. I had a lot of friends, and I was taught by great teachers (the very best). Our Principal and Vice Principal, they’re literally the best creatures and the best people you would ever wish to have as your P and VP.

According to a popular quote, “The best places are places that we can’t tell how amazing they are until we leave.”- exactly how I felt when I graduated from Park. I love you forever Park British College❤

Ummulkhairi Jalo
Park British School

Park British, the name as it sounds, is glorious, melodious, and victorious.

Founded not with the vision of a business but with the notion of giving and contributing to the society, my beloved school, the Park British School has always made me and the rest of its students stand out and signify their presence through the foundations that were laid and the knowledge that was obtained whilst we were students at the school.

I am sure that the way I feel about my beloved school, my classmates, in different nooks of the world would also have the same love and regard for the school.

Holding the privilege of being the 1st student in kindergarten and the primary class, I am, and we all are, highly indebted to the contributions and care of Madam Aduke and Madam Kemi. God bless you both! 

I wish my beloved school, the very best in making its contribution to the society.

Asad Ali Khan (Aazi Waazi) From Pakistan
Park British School

The best part of my school was that even though I am from Pakistan and miles away from my motherland, Park British School always promoted our cultures and values.  Today I am making my parents proud and I am becoming the daughter they always wanted me be because Big Aunties shaped me into what I am today!! They taught me to always deal with challenges of life  with confidence and strong will!! I hope that I make my Big Aunties proud one day and I wish I could hand over my MBBS degree to them because it is all their Hardwork!!!                                 

Dr Anvish Narmeen from Pakistan
Park British School

When I hear the word Park British College, memories flood into my mind, like the Halloween party we planned or the bake sale we organized. I remember these moments such as the times our Principal and Vice Principal made us build our responsibility skills by entrusting us with organising these parties. In PBC, we had mentors guiding us along the right path, mentors who left our hands so we could make a few mistakes (and we sure did a lot) but had our backs. Our friends were the teachers, our parents were the Principal and Vice Principal who made sure that in this school respect is a key factor for everyone who steps inside.

To the future students who may enter this college I would like to say “welcome, you just made this family bigger.”

Zainab Jomaa
Park British School

I attended Park British School from 2004 when I was in Year 2 and graduated from Year 6 in 2009 as head girl. My teacher was Miss Osiyemi and the head boy was Delaney Olumba. Going to school every day was an adventure because there was always something new to learn, new games to play and new friends to make. Then it was called The Park Private School. In all honesty I wouldn’t be able to attend the school if not for the kindness of the Proprietresses.

All I learned and experienced at the Park created a strong foundation for me to face challenges in my secondary years.

I am now in 400 level, studying architecture at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State and my sister is in 100 level, studying political science in the University of Lagos. I must say that we won’t be where we are today without the impact of the school in our lives.

Long live Park British School.

Ruth Momoh
Park British School

I still remember my days at the Park British School  like they were yesterday.

That time of my life will forever be cherished by me. How I have learned a lot of things from my teachers and of course my gorgeous big Aunties.

I will forever be thankful to them as they have shaped me into the person that I am today.

All the great memories i made in the park British school, like participating in mental maths every day or singing the school anthem by heart every single morning and how we would march to our classes on the tunes of different music and drums played by the different teachers.

I would wait all day to visit big Auntie’s office to get a golden star on my copy and how I along with my class fellows would recite prayer before our meals. I have learnt a lot from my experience there and I can proudly say that, thanks to the Big Aunties I have never had any problem in my English.

They have groomed me into the young woman I am today.

Kind regards,

Sabika khan

(From Pakistan)

Park British School

“We still remember being nervous about changing our school to attend Park International Ladies College. Little did we know that this would be a life changing experience for us. This was the place where we grew as individuals, learned not to feel inferior, but to boldly state our opinions and set a goal to empower other young women. Even after leaving PILC, we continued to pursue our higher education at all-women institutions. The personalities we developed wouldn’t have been present otherwise. I hope my fellow Park British School girls find themselves and grow up to be great women.”

Sarah and Aisha Ahmad

Park British School

My School, My family

 “Growing up in this day and age,

With free expression all the rage,

Our young ones learn when starting school that reading’s fun and maths is cool while writing’s not the least bit boring

it really is so much fun like drawing.

For every child it is essential

To realise their full potential

And teachers always do their best

To stimulate their interest.

When years of schooldays end at last

With all examinations passed,

Will all the examinations passed,

Will the children reminisce

And say, ‘Our schooldays we will miss’

And as the final day arrives,

‘They were the best days of our lives”


This poem is the perfect embodiment of Park British School.

Attending a school does not necessarily mean gaining knowledge. It is acquiring the gift of knowledge and understanding. A gift of being able to survive in the outside world and succeeding.

Being a Park Child means being privileged to be impacted at such a young age.

Park British school has been my life from the year 2009 when I was in year 3 and I have never regretted my experience.

I have made friends, mentors and guardians thanks to Park British School.

I am grateful to say I have been apart of this wonderful family.

I have learnt, grown and flourished from the teachings and mentorings of the Park school and i am still growing.

That Knowledge never leaves you.

I remember myself being such a shy timid girl who could not speak boldly, but in my wonderful school, i was molded into what I am today.

Park British School is not only a Educational Institution, it is a family.

A family that is there in need and watches your back. A family that protects you and guides you as you make your way into the world.

Having your child in Park British School is the best gift you would ever give your child as you are guaranteed the best educational quality your child would ever need.

After all,

I am a living Testimony of the Park British School.

Princess Marinay

Park British School

My experience at Park British College was unforgettable and special. At park I learnt alot of valuable things. The teachers were my role models, not only were they there to help me gain knowledge and be supportive but they helped me to build a strong personality that I’m grateful for because of where it brought me today. My journey at Park British College was really special, fun, educational, unforgettable and I’ll always remember Park and I’ll always love it.❤️

Sara Fawaz

Park British School

I used to be a student at Park British School a few years ago. My time at Park British School was amazing to say the least. From a young age, I learnt a lot about myself. I was taught what it means to diligent and importantly, how to strive for excellence in my academics. Park British School had an excellent learning environment; from the teachers, pupils and to the headteachers. The school taught me how to embody the excellent values of a student such as hard work, cooperation and respect for others. Being a smaller school, there was a strong family like atmosphere especially with Aunty Aduke and Aunty Kemi being hands on and getting involved in most activities. During my time there, I had the chance to take part in many extracurricular activities such as piano lessons, salsa lessons and taekwondo (to name a few!). I can confidently say these activities have taught me many transferable skills and helped me develop my passion for sports.
I currently live in England and I am on an internship programme at one of the top investment management firms in the country. I work in the Data Insights Unit and will be here for a year. After my year in industry, I plan on attending one of the Russell Group Universities to study Social Policy with Quantitative Research Methods.

Bolakale Sanyaolu

Park British School

My name is Sore Odunsi. I am a graduate of the University of Leicester with a 2:1 in Law LLb. I am currently a student at the Nigeria Law School and I am Also a business owner.

The Park Private School will always have a special place in my heart. My time there was very rewarding. The environment was nurturing and encouraging. All the teachers worked to create a safe space but also taught us to strive for success in all things and to do our best always.

What was also very important was the values or respect, kindness and class they instilled in us, values that come directly from the proprietresses, who were phenomenal people, very kind and thoughtful but also very firm. They taught us to work hard and play hard and I can frankly say that without their guidance and love, I would not be where I am today. 

Sore Odunsi